Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random Things

1. I have always known that I wanted to work with children. I thought seriously about being a pediatrician for awhile but knew that teaching was truly my calling.

2. I am not afraid to run away from trains when my car is stuck on the rails. (That's only beginning to be funny to me now. LOL!)

3. I bite my nails which is a horrible, disgusting habit. I have done it since I was at least 3 and just can't seem to stop...even though I have tried.

4. I loved living in Germany but missed my family and friends terribly.

5. I love the color yellow. I can't wear it but I love it.

6. I have always wanted to be a mother.

7. I would love to learn how to run but I can't seem to get the breathing thing down. I tend to hold my breath when I run. Not a good thing.

8. I think of my twin angels every day and I wish it didn't make people uncomfortable when they come up in conversation.

9. I love naps!

10. When I am sleeping, my shoulders must be covered with the sheets/blankets at all times...including the summer.

11. I love sleeping with a ceiling fan on...even in the winter.

12. I WILL NOT wear socks to bed...even if it's freezing.

13. It took me 6 connections and over 24 hours for me to fly to Korea to visit Dave who was stationed there. I could have gotten there faster but I couldn't turn down a cheap ticket.

14. I cherish my childhood friends and wish I could see them more often. We must book that lake trip this year!

15. My brother and I are 9 years apart and I love the relationship we have because/in spite of it.

16. When I was young, my Dotty (great-grandmother) was my best friend.

17. I love just about anything pickled.

18. I finished my Masters in Ed. Admin in August of 2007.

19. I am considering getting another Masters of some sort.

20. Hi, my name is Stacy and I am a recovering control freak. However, God never tires of reminding me that He is in control (ex. train) I hope I learn how to let him do this soon so maybe I won't have to have so much remediation on this particular topic!

21. I think my Pop is one of the most fascinating people. Barbara Walters should really interview him.

22. I get to work every day with some of my best friends.

23. I believe in life it is all about attitude. My students know my motto, "Attitude is everything!" and are good at reminding each other of it when necessary.

24. I thought I would be scared to drive on the Autobahn but I LOVED it!

25. Most times, I would much rather stay in than go out. But when I do go out, I like to do it up right!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I heard a train a comin'

Yesterday morning was the most terrifying morning I have ever been through. There was a point in time in which I truly thought that I might not make it out of it alive. So, to fill you in...let's start from the beginning.

I was on my way to school Monday morning using the same route that I always do. As I was about to go over the train tracks, I noticed two men that were walking around by the tracks (I assumed they were railroad men). I also noticed some extra gravel around the edges of the track so I thought, "Good. These tracks needed a little more cushion." However, my car got stuck on the rails while I was crossing. (I was by the Cabot Admin. office and my tires got stuck in a huge dip while going over the tracks. I thought that they had just added more rocks to make it easier to go over the tracks but in reality the rocks had gotten pushed out of the way from the traffic to make a huge hole that I could not get out of.) A train started coming aand the guard bar went down on top of my car and it was really scary. Everyone got out of the way(I actually grabbed my purse and a friend of mine's child's backpack and RAN!) and no one was hurt (Praise God!) but a truck that had stopped too close to the tracks got demolished in front of my eyes. The men in the truck had stopped so that the men could survey the area. Then once I got stuck the men were helping me get my car out of the way. What great good Samaritans! Even after their truck was destroyed (think tin can), they still helped me get my car off the tracks. (This crossing has 2 set of RR tracks. My car was on one set and the train came on the other set...Another PRAISE GOD!) God truly sent His angels down to protect me today. After talking with the RR detectives as well as Cabot's finest, I know exactly how lucky I am . I was also reassured at knowing that the tracks should not have been in that condition and that it would be taken care of immediatly. I hope all of that makes sense. I am still pretty shaken up but I definitely know that I am blessed. Once fellow Cabotian came up and told me that I should go play the lottery that day because it was my lucky day. It sure was!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Counting my blessings

Just wanted to take a minute to jot down some of my many blessings. (In no particular order!)

*Jack and Gabby-I have two hilarious animals that constantly make me laugh and show their unselfish love. Whether it's Jack who truly believes he is a big dog and will do anything to protect me from that dreaded garage door sound or Gabby who always seems to know when I need a little extra love, I have the two most precious little animals living with me.

*My "kids"- I love my job. While it is not always easy, it is always rewarding and I really feel like I am making a difference if only a small one. I hope that the kiddos in my class can one day look back and remember their year in 1st grade fondly.

* My brother- He and I are 9 years apart and we have always had a very special relationship. Sure, we would argue and fuss like all brothers and sisters, but we knew we always had each other. Last year, he was very sick and I was very afraid that we were going to lose him. It was very scary. I am beyond thankful that he is still here and I am so proud him. (Did I mention that he is on the Dean's List?!?!)

*My nephew- My nephew is the light of my life! He is so much fun and I love spending time with him. The last couple of times that I have been with him, he would open his cute little mouth and it seemed like he was trying to eat me. :) I jokingly mentioned this to his parents, and they said that he was giving me kisses. How stinkin' cute is that?!?

*My "sisters"- I have a great group of girlfriends. Some I get to see every day (1st grade rocks!) and some it seems like forever since I have seen them. My resolution this year (one of many) is to do a better job of staying in touch. Being busy is no longer an excuse!!!

*Beth Moore Bible Studies- I did the Daniel Bible study this past fall and it was beyond amazing. I learned so many things and had great fellowship with some fabulous ladies. We start a study of Esther in February-I can't wait!

*My mom- My mom is truly one of those phenomenal women. If I can be only half of the woman and mother that she is, I will consider myself lucky. When I was growing up and thought my world was ending(Oh the teenage years!!!), my mom would tell me, "Cream rises to the top, and baby, you're cream!" I have found myself repeating that same advice to my friends on more than one occasion, and I think it's catching on. I guess I am like my mother. Lol!

*My Pop- Every moment that I get to spend with my grandfather is truly a blessing. He has accomplished so much in his lifetime and I am thankful that I am his "Goosie girl."

*My dad- My dad is very understanding of others. His patience, compassion and empathy for other people's situations is truly inspiring. He is also one of the hardest workers I have ever seen!

*My husband- I am such a lucky girl to have someone that loves me for me...even the good, bad and the ugly. This past year has made us even stronger and I am so thankful for man I love.

*My God- Without Him, none of these other things would be possible. He has been there for me when no one else knew how to be. He is faithful and true.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Another favorite Bible verse

I just read this Bible verse and it spoke to me. Whenever I pray, I know that God hears my prayers. He always answers them...even if they are not always in the way in which I hoped. Sometimes He gives us the answer we were hoping for, sometimes He answers in a way I would have never thought of, and sometimes He says, "Not now." I have faith that whatever the answer is to my prayers that God does know best....even if it isn't the answer I had hoped to hear.

Romans 12:12 says, "Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, and faithful in prayer."

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Ok, Ok, I think I'm ready!

Well, it's been a long time since I have blogged. But, here we go again! A little background on my precious husband and I. Dave and I met in 2002 and married in 2005. After living in Germany for a year and meeting friends that we will keep for a lifetime, we were blessed to be able to come back to my home state so that Dave could go to law school. We have a sassy cat named Gabby and a hilarous dog named Jack. We were expecting twins this year, but sadly lost them both at 14 weeks. While this has been a very difficult time for us, we know that God is so good and that He has plans for us. We are excited about what the future holds and we hope to update this blog frequently about what's going on in our busy lives.